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[pdf] 2018 Brigade Constitution Amended Copy.pdf 375.5 KB 2018-Jun-20
[docx] 2018 Brigade Constitution Template (4).docx 2.8 KB 2018-Jun-20
[docx] 2018 Brigade rule 4 agm reports.docx 12.1 KB 2018-Jun-20
[pdf] AGM notes and criteria for election.pdf 4.0 MB 2017-Jul-05
[pdf] Brigade Constitution 2016 - DRAFT for Consultation Dec 2016.pdf 263.1 KB 2017-Jul-05
[docx] Brigade Rule 7 Process for nominations of Field and Administrative officers.DOCX 3.0 KB 2018-Jun-20
[docx] Brigade Rule 8 Voting method.DOCX 3.1 KB 2018-Jun-20
[docx] Brigade Rule 10 Criteria for Ordinary members to vote for field Officers.DOCX 3.0 KB 2018-Jun-20
[docx] Brigade Rule 11 Seniority of deputy captains.DOCX 3.0 KB 2018-Jun-20
[docx] Brigade Rule 12 Additional Administrative Officer positions.DOCX 3.0 KB 2018-Jun-20
[docx] Brigade Rule 14 Additional Executive Committee membership.DOCX 2.8 KB 2018-Jun-20
[pdf] Consultation Draft SS 2.1.2 Brigade Constitution v3.0.pdf 120.9 KB 2017-Jul-05
[pdf] Draft Brigade Management Handbook 2nd Consult Version Dec 2016.pdf 1.8 MB 2017-Jul-05
[pdf] Hawkesbury Communications Rural Fire Brigade Constitution.pdf 1.0 MB 2018-Sep-18
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